At Bawden and Associates we provide full intellectual property services to companies ranging from small businesses and academics to multinational corporations. 



With our staff possessing decades of industrial and private practise experience, we are able to provide expert advice on UK, European and global intellectual property matters. With a wealth of experience our

firm caters to all manner of technical areas such as: chemistry, life science including biotechnology and medical devices, engineering and physics. 



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Life Science & Medical Devices

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Materials Science 


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Immunology oncology

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Esters, alcohols and acids

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Speciality polymers, polyurethanes

Food Technology

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Paint and coating


Detergent powders and liquids


Petrochemicals, fuels, lubricants, refining, hydrocarbons processing.

Pigments and dyes


Mechanical engineering

Composite materials and resin


Process Technology 

Air Seperation


Patents contain a wealth of information about the technical and business interests of organisation particularly their trends and innovations. We have developed methods to identify, analyse, assimilate and present patent information in a concise and valuable form to suit clients's needs. We can provide surveys of 'patent landscapes', to enable identification of competitor interests, strengths, weaknesses and threats as well as identifying opportunities, such as potential partners of licensees. 

Bawden and Associates has extensive links with like-minded IP attorneys globally to ensure the best interests of our clients are served wherever they have patent, design and trade mark interests. Our professional activities include all aspects of obtaining and defending IP rights around the world. This forms the core of our business and involves identifying opportunities for our clients to secure valuable protection, preparation of patent applications and applications for trade mark and design registration, and ensuring their successful progress through the patent offices and defence against third party attack.

Opinion and advisory work, including identifying and managing competitor threats, also forms a mainstay of our practice. We regularly appear before the Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) both defending and attacking patents. We have conducted litigation in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Canada. We are highly experienced in coordinating pan- European and global litigation and the inter-relation between EPO opposition and national litigation.