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our philosophy 

The cornerstone of our philosophy is to work as partners with our clients in a collaborative manner to provide a high quality, timely and cost-effective IP service to generate and utilise business- relevant IP.  Based on decades of senior level in-house IP experience, integration of business, technical and legal factors underpins an effective IP strategy.

This is at the heart of our approach.  



A key element of our expertise lies in adopting a strategic approach to the identification and development of valuable IP. This approach requires commercial, technical and legal factors to be considered and integrated and is enabled through understanding our clients' business, their markets, their technology and the underlying IP.

Our extensive experience in managing intellectual property is brought to bear in providing advice and guidance to technical and business management around the world whether in multinationals, SME, 'spin out' and 'start up' companies or universities. We believe in having efficient working practices to ensure clients are fully advised of matters as they occur but without incurring attorney charges for essentially administrative actives. This approach is enabled by our administrative staff who are all highly trained and experienced. 


Bawden and Associates uses modern technology as a key part of providing a professional service  and believes that technology used effectively can be greatly enhance our productivity. Bawden and Associates utilise IPSS dotNET and we are able to provide clients with full secure read only access. 

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we work as partners with our clients 

integrated to deliver strategic value

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High professional quality

Consistent productivity and timeliness

Business understanding and focus

Personal tailored approach

Attractive and transparent fees

Technical excellence in all aspects of chemistry and life sciences


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