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Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of patent and trademark attorneys with decades of industrial and private practise experience, solicitors from large city firms and an exceptional management group. With our further global network of connections, we can maximise the value of your creativity worldwide.

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Peter is founder, co-owner and Director of Bawden & Associates.  He is a Chartered Patent Agent and European Patent Attorney.  Peter previously held overall management responsibility for the global IP activities of Exxon Chemical Company.


Peter’s particular expertise lies in the strategic approach to the identification, development and protection of intellectual property to generate assets and use of real commercial value.  This has included the development and exploitation of IP portfolios around the world.  Peter is experienced in advocacy, litigation and the day to day management of all aspects of a patent portfolio including patent office and court activities and has coordinated contentious issues such as oppositions and litigation in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan.


Peter’s technical experience spans a wide range of technologies in the chemistry, chemical and mechanical engineering fields.  Peter has acted for clients in relation to the following: Inorganic Catalysts (including polymerisation and petrochemical catalysts);  Petroleum (cracking, REFINING, isomerisation transport  and conversion); Petrochemicals (olefins, aromatics, acids, esters, solvents); Thermosetting and thermoplastic resin production and processing; Formulation chemistry (including drug delivery, processing and finished products);, Chemical reactor design and controls; Composite materials (including wind energy applications); Biomaterials (including biodiesel, ethanol, fuel production and fuel from algae); Medicine and drug delivery systems (emulsions, controlled release and eye drops); Metal coatings; Synthetic lubricants (fuel and lubricant additives (inorganic and organic) and formulations); Automotive parts and materials; Paper making; Aggregate compositions and uses; Minerals (e.g. Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Mica and Silica), Pigments (e.g. Titanium Dioxide) and Glass.

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Stephen has over 30 years experience in the patent profession.  After formative years in corporate IP with ICI and Unilever and a London practice Stephen joined Peter as a co-director at Bawden and Associates in 2004.  Stephen has extensive experience advising on all aspects of IP including patent portfolio generation, developing IP strategy, licensing, contentious matters and due-diligence in acquisitions and sales. He has extensive advocacy experience having appeared many times in the European Patent Office in opposition and appeal hearings and is highly experienced in infringement and validity opinion work and international patent litigation in the UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, India and Australia.  Stephen has visited India regularly for over 25 years, working with a diverse spread of clients.


 He has prepared and successfully prosecuted patent applications in a wide range of technical fields in the life science, medical technology, chemistry, clean technology, engineering, internet–related  and high technology fields. Stephen has particular experience in:

  • Life sciences and Medical Devices: assays, biosensors, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules, peptide synthesis, biopolymers, scaffolds, oncology, drug delivery, RNAi and gene silencing, immune response, stem cells and functionality, blood products and separation, anaesthetics, analysis and instrumentation, nutraceuticals, histology, implants, replacement  joints, catheter design, orthodontics and dental equipment

  • Chemistry: polymers including polyurethanes, PE, PP and PET, colour-change chemistry, nanotechnology, cosmetic products including hair, metal recovery, fluorinating agents, CFC replacement refrigerants, synthetic lubricants, detergents, consumer goods and food products, agrochemicals, oil field chemicals, fuel additives, catalysts, films and dyestuffs, petrochemicals, adhesives, coatings, methanol production, mining technology, OLED, semiconductors

  • Engineering and other fields: automotive, air separation, reactor and plant design, mixing technology, process automation and control, toroidal power transmissions, internet based-concepts, security systems, business methods


Stephen advises all types of organisations including multinational corporations, mid-size companies, SMEs and universities/ academics in the UK, US, India and Australia, other professional organisations e.g. banks and especially spin-out and start-up companies leveraging his real-world commercial experience in IP.


Jodie Flynn is an Australian-qualified intellectual property solicitor  and registered foreign lawyer with over 15 years experience working in the IP departments of international law firms - Ashurst (Australia), Linklaters and “of Counsel” at Freshfields - before joining Bawden & Associates in 2012. 

Jodie’s experience extends over the whole range of intellectual property activities, including patent, trade mark, design and copyright issues.  Jodie has extensive experience drafting, negotiating and advising on a wide range of commercial IP and technology -based agreements, acting for SME’s, medium-sized companies and multinationals, including secondment to Astra Zeneca in Sweden.  These agreements include IP licences, R&D agreements, collaboration agreements, software development & maintenance agreements and confidentiality agreements. Jodie is the financial manger of Bawden & Associates, she undertakes all internal & external  financial issues.

Jodie has represented clients in UK patent proceedings before the UK High Court and the Court of Appeal and in one case in which leave to appeal to the Supreme Court was successfully obtained. Jodie has also conducted trade mark litigation in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. 


Sue manages the administration of entire intellectual property portfolio including patents trademarks & registered designs.  Sue was employed for many years by ICI as Head of Patent Formalities and has expert knowledge of all procedural aspects of developing, acquiring and maintaining patent and designs rights around the world. 

Sue also oversees special projects for clients including the design of patent databases and patent reviews for competitive assessment. 

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Jonathan has been a consultant with Bawden and Associates since 2014, specialising in trade marks and all aspects of filing and prosecuting UK, European and International trade mark applications. He has extensive experience in complex trade mark including freedom-of-use of new trade marks, oppositions, as well as licensing, advisory work and in developing strategies to support our clients’ business objectives. Jonathan brings a practical approach, providing clients with clear advice to steer through the complexities of protecting brands and mitigating risks of third
party rights. Jonathan graduated from the University of Durham, UK in 1987 with a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Chemistry. Having qualified in 1991-2 as a UK Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney, he became a Registered Trade Mark Attorney in 1994, and since then he has practised in all aspects of IP first as a partner in a large national firm and since 2000 as an independent UK and European Patent & Trade
Mark Attorney with his own firm. With over 34 years’ experience in both patents and trade marks, Jonathan has served clients ranging from private individuals and start-up businesses to large corporations and Plcs. As well as practising in trade marks, Jonathan also works in patents with particular emphasis on drafting and prosecuting UK, European and International patent applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and a wide variety
of mechanical fields.

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